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We combine decades of professional tax consulting and litigation experience to provide you with one of the nation's leading property tax reduction services.

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Property Tax Exemption Specialists of Texas
Registered Tax Reduction Specialists

Established in 1985, we have been saving our clients money for over 26 years! Our staff contains licensed Property Tax Agents, Property Tax Arbitrators, Realtors, and Real Estate Brokers. Combining this knowledge, we have created one of the most efficient and effective market-analyzing services in the world. By finding comparable properties with sales that illustrate a lower market value for your home, we have helped thousands of clients reduce their taxable value, and subsequently saved them millions of dollars on their taxes.

Our Clients

Who have we helped?
Residential and Commercial Property Owners

Throughout the years, we've helped thousands of property owners protest their property values. From single property owners, to large multinational corporations, people continue to come to us for all of their property tax needs. Last year, we handled proceedings for over 300 fast food, 450 entertainment, and 250 commercial locations, along with over 1,000 residential properties. Protest saved Americans over $500,000 in taxes in the last year alone.


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